Monday, January 14, 2008


A vlog about his comments on Carl Schroeder's vlog on "ORALISM HINDERS EDUCATION!".

This script is for signing impaired.

Hot Diggity Damn! Yes, It is a fact that oralism hinders education!!! it has been that way since 1880. This is what and why AG Bell and his cronies developed a system to oppress deaf for years and years.

Many parents are fooled into believing that their children will succeed in life. There seem to be higher divorce rates among those parents of oral children. I grew up in oral programs and I have seen plenty. It is not a pretty picture. It is high time that everyone talk about what happened and stop the lies.

As for the recent vlog by Carl Schroeder - Kakula's Corner, I agree with him 100 percent. It is a fact that oralism hinders what the deaf need. It is a simple form of audism.

See the picture in black and white. That was 41 years ago this coming fall that Dr. Silverman asked me to come with him to a presentation at Laclede Gas Company downtown St. Louis. I was starting first year in public school. I was 15 at that time. You know I have been obedient at times to certain people.

But that day in Fall of 1967 was a turning point of starting to hate oralism. I was tired of being paraded around from one place to another at CID's whims. They wanted me to go and help them fundraise through the United Fund which is now the United Way.

That day was the day I started to protest and made demands. I told Dr. Silverman to stop using me and to stop calling my mom every Fall when they needed me. I had enough of giving them what they wanted. I was upset when Dr. Silverman wanted to demonstrate how oralism worked. I told Dr. Silverman that I did not want his grubby hands on my face anymore and I got tired of being in public limelight.

I had to face public humilitation at a junior high school. My friends teased me about the picture being in the newspaper. I ran home to cry and was suffering depression and humilitation. I wanted to be equal with my hearing friends, but that picture in newspaper changed my life forever. I did not need the teasing and ribbing about how the old man touched my face and the stuff.

I told my mother to stop accepting calls from CID. I went to extremes to tell Dr. Lane, the principal of CID. She told me that I was her favorite pet, yet she was the meanest woman as well as Miss Helen Woodward who slammed the ruler on my hands. Dr. Lane expected me to follow her high expectation of being a role model of oralism. I told her that I would prefer to learn sign language like my brother and other people did. She tried to coax me to stay on oralism side and I said something was not right.

More information and events that transpired after that terrible experience are in my book.

Now on the second picture in color, this was me talking to the newspaper reporter during the Moog protest. Mrs. Moog was fired from her job at CID and I was at CID to encourage CID to adopt ASL and follow the true method of deaf education that included total communication (as a compromise). I had seven people join me in public protest. I issued a press conference to tell the story.

Guess what? The meanest of all, Mrs. Tash (my former speech teacher) squashed my press conference and took the people off to get inside the building. Of course, I got very upset about how Mrs. Tash acted and I got even worse when other people walked off and continued to support the evil woman by the name of Mrs. Moog. She was the same lady I chewed her out years earlier when she looked down on the ILY stamp. The newspaper reporter did not print what I was trying to tell her. It was obvious she did NOT understand anything I said. The story in papers were biased. It is same game that hearing people play to protect themselves.

Now back to Carl Schroeder and others about oralism hindering education, it is a fact. I have seen scores of deaf friends suffer from lack of education. The teachers were too busy correcting our speech and making sure we do things their way. It reeks of audism at its best!

Those people from oral programs are listed in the hall of shame! Yes, the Hall of Shame!