Monday, February 26, 2007


Hello! I am Paul for Show me Deaf Community. I would like to follow up on Amy's anger about SLCC. I woud like to show you that postcard we are discussing about. See those pages of the post card.

It is an elaborate way of getting our attention to give money to buy bricks to build the SLCC. It costs $500.00 for brick also with other prices.

There has been discussions among b/vlogs about it.

Just recently, announced that the webpage mentioning SLCC has been shut down.

I wonder if it is the works of Mercy Coogan. She is with public relations.

Why does Gallaudet keep her? She is part of old administration that caused problems.

There is a need for replacement. I could be wrong.

The picture is becoming fuzzy.

Is it part of her campaign to confuse the issue?

I do praise Davilia for Team Gallaudet.

I wonder about this SLCC situation.

I hope Davilia can response to this matter and put it to rest the confusion!

See you in the next vlog!