Monday, February 26, 2007


The Missouri Chapter of NTIDAA and NTID hosted a reception at GSLAD Hall yesterday, February 25, 2007. There were 63 people in attendance. Dr. Alan Hurwitz gave a presentation about what NTID is doing these days.

The alumni and friends had a good time socializing yesterday at the GSLAD Hall. There will be 40th reunion next summer (2008) in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Hurwitz was explaining about NTID's progress and its plan for future. NTID and NTIDAA are working together to do more networking to recruit future students, look into fundraising and job placement.

We missed Matthew Driscoll, the Director of NTID Alumni Relations as the weather was bad in Chicago that he had to go to another city and wait out. He was kind enough to arrive late. I was happy to meet him and discuss about alumni relations. Carmen Sciandria, the NTIDAA president is motivating the chapters to get ready for the alumni reunion next year.

Congrats to Hurwitzes! Vickie's mother turned 90 last Saturday! =)