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I am searching for some individuals who has experienced mental health issues in life as well as in any programs. I am devising a video documentary on mental health. It will explore the problems of mental health affecting the Deaf community. It also explores how it affects domestic violence and other abuses.

It is a serious documentary focused on the needs of mental health and the deaf community. Missouri does not have adequate mental health program that meets the needs of deaf community. The documentary will explore some communities in Missouri as well as explore the prison system. There are deaf in prison that do not have adequate support. There are deaf people who have fallen through the cracks in rural areas as well as small towns.

I will respect anyone who prefers to be "anonymous" on my documentary. There will be cameras focused on shadow while signing (not direct on individual) to tell a story of his or her abuses. If an individual is willing to say it all face to face with video camera, it will be great. It will help the public understand the plight conditions and how lack of support sytem affects the mental health in deaf communities.

There were recent deaf suicides that happened in Missouri that gave me a full consideration in increasing awareness by making a documentary. We do need to push buttons to get the system working for the deaf community. There is a need to increase awareness.

I am researching on suicidology and how it affects us. I am looking for survivors and those who are recovered. The documentary is being worked in several phases that will be 3 one-hour videos to educate the public. I plan to interview some professionals in mental health working with deaf.

I have experienced suicide several times and I know what it is like to reach the dark side. I would like this video to empower those who are suffering to speak up and reach out for help. It can help us understand what suicide can do and affect everyone.

Let me borrow this quote from David Webb, Suicide Attempter (and Suicidologist at Victoria University) in his presentation, "THE MANY LANGUAGES OF SUICIDE".

"We need to hear these voices. Most importantly it is needed to empower those who are contemplating suicide to speak up and hopefully reach out for help. Part of the poison of suicidality is the loneliness. When you hear others who truly know suicidality, whether they've recovered or are still struggling, then you are no longer quite so alone in the world. Stories of survival and recovery can sometimes spark a light at the end of the tunnel of hopelessness, another of suicidality's poisons. I was told to hang in there, that the pain would pass which, although true, was not believable at the time. Hearing this from a survivor can help. We need to hear the voice of others to help us find our own voice. Healing and recovery begins with telling your story."

I do have a story to tell as well as others can tell their stories. This is what makes my motivation to pursue this matter on a video that will help the public understand the needs of mental health program for deaf and hard of hearing.

Another quote for this project is "It is the words that suicidal people say - about their psychological pain and their frustrated psychological needs- that make up the essential vocabulary of suicide. Suicide prevention can be everyone's business." Defined by Edwin S. Schneidman as psychological pain arising from frustrated or thwarted psychological needs - a much more accurate and useful term than "depression". From the preface of "THE SUICIDAL MIND" by Ediwn S. Schneidman (Oxford University Press, 1996)

The videotaping project will start sometime in mid-May and hope to complete by August in time for September as part of awareness project for Suicide Prevention Week in September.

Any volunteers to tell a story? contact me at

I am looking for sponsors to help underwrite this documentary.

Thank you for supporting this project!

Paul J. Kiel

a documentary on mental health and the deaf community
to be produced and released by DEAF IMAGES.
Release Date Targeted for Fall 2007/Winter 2008

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