Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flashback: Audism at Work 1997

Flashback: Audism at Work 1997

This is the note that I wrote to my supervisor, Chris Brown at a bank where I was employed. I worked in the Operations Center and we were handling the business accounts of the bank customers. It was my third year with them. I saw an announcement posted on the bulletin board. They announced a staff meeting for all employees. I was considered to be part of the department. I simply wrote a note to remind my supervisor. I tried to get his attention, but he was busy running back and forth from his desk to the department divisions. I was furious as I thought he was being rude.

I wrote the note:

December 21, 1997

Chris Brown -

I noticed that there is a staff meeting scheduled at 9 a.m. tomorrow as per the announcement on the bulletin board. I wonder if you had arranged a sign language interpreter for that purpose.

Thank you,

Paul J. Kiel

I gave it to Mr. Brown. He put it in his shirt pocket. I left for the day.


The next morning, December 22, 1997 Monday

I found note at my desk station.

He replied,

"Paul, I am sorry I was not able to set this up_ I did not work Sunday night. I hope you got the information you needed., Chris"

I looked at the note and was puzzled. He was actually there yesterday and yet he said he did not work Sunday night. I caught him in a lie. I got upset and demanded to see Nicole, the manager.

More information is in the book, To Be Deaf or Not To Be Deaf.