Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deaf Social Media Pulse Workshop

Deaf Social Media Pulse Workshop

A workshop on organizing for social change using the social media:

This helps understand the principles of human engineering in providing advocacy and activism.

This workshop will enable the deaf community leaders and advocates of deaf programs and services how to better serve the communities in protecting the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The workshop will cover these areas:

*What is advocacy?

*What is political process?

*What is community activism?

*How do we empower the community?"

*How do we utilize the legal system?

*How can we use the social media?

The workshop will be available in your city/town. Please e-mail to Paul Kiel,
if you are interested in hosting the workshop.

Please view this video here:

This video was made by Paul Kiel in December 2007 to lay out the plans for better advocacy and activism in protecting the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing.

About the Presenter:

Paul J. Kiel has been advocating and activist in protecting the rights of the deaf more than 40 years. He was raised in oral communication program until he discovered the American Sign Language. His world changed after that discovery. He loves and appreciates the deaf culture and the language.

He experienced discrimination and audism everyday since he put his foot in an oral education program.

He believes that social media and change are to be used to fight for our rights to an effective communication and our place in the society.

He is finalizing details on his upcoming book, "To Be Deaf or Not To Be Deaf:The Paul Kiel Story". He is currently a b/vlogger since 2006 with "SHOW ME DEAF COMMUNITY" It can be seen at this link.

He is videographer and does videography. He owns Deaf Image - a digital video production company that contributes videos to groups and use them for advocacy. It can be seen at this link.

He is currently president of a deaf club in St. Louis. It is known as GSLAD - Greater St. Louis Association of the Deaf, Inc. It is a successful deaf club in the United States. It owns a building and it provides events and activities every week for the past six years. It can be seen at this link .

For registration and information on upcoming workshop, please e-mail to Paul Kiel.