Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It is ironic how people are behaving towards me when I spoke the truth. I was referring to the poor delivery services provided by Missouri Department of Mental. I have been getting cold shoulders. I was frank and blunt about what I thought of Department of Mental Health.

I did get some nasty messages on my blog site that shows a proof that someone is angry at me for speaking out.

After 30 years, what can I do?

Do I continue to look the other way? NO

Do I just shut up and let sleeping dogs lie? NO

Am I scared of lawsuits? NO

Do I think that one moderator of listserve is right for booting me off "his" listserve for my truthful comments against DMH staff's patronizing comments? NO

How much longer do we need to deal with ongoing audism at DMH?

You can answer that question yourself and let me know what you think.

After 30 years and ongoing window dressings at DMH, the current administrator with no background in mental health is going out to set up "talk shows". Is that necessary?

What happened to the volumes of papers already compiled in the files at DMH?

What about the working models in South Carolina and Alabama?

What is their beef? More baloney and more money wasting time lost!!

The recent meeting that someone tried to swoon the public to one side is NOT working!

As usual, it is time for their heads to roll!

No one is doing anything about it.

It is a sad day for Missouri Deaf community!

Everyday is a sad day while the audists at DMH continue to screw things up!

We have tried to provide this solution for the last few years....they continue to IGNORE US!!!

The real solution is to amend the budget.

Cut half of $539,000.00 designated for interpreting services.

The real issue is hearing people are abusing the finances by earmarking all the dollars to hearing people themselves. This is viewed as audistic, patronizing, selfish ambition and dishonesty.

use roughly $269,500.00 for hiring deaf mental health professionals -

there could be at least 5 deaf mental health professionals.

station one in KC area

station second one in Hannibal area

station third one in Columbia/Fulton area

station fourth one in St. Louis area

station fifth one in Springfield area

then the system will be up and running for deaf clients to use mental health services provided by deaf professionals.

It is SOREly lacking!

So why do I get punished for telling truth?



**message for interpreters - I am not attacking interpreters in this case. It is a common sense approach. Why do hearing people including interpreters continue to grab up jobs that deaf people can do? Money talks? Come on! Let deaf people run programs and services for the deaf themselves. We do not need hearing people or interpreters in some cases patronizing us! This is a real insult when you grab a deaf job. How do you sleep at night knowing you are NOT qualified for the job, yet you do it???