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While going through my album, I remembered these pictures as if it was yesterday. Nope, that was almost 30 years ago. It was interesting experience working with the groups and I am glad to see it still thriving today. Let me show you a few pictures. It was October 1980 when I was hired to manage Columbus Colony Housing. When I arrived on the colony, I was fascinated by the beauty of the Columbus Colony and its grounds. It has been administrated by Ohio School For the Deaf Alumni Association more than 100 years. One of the founders was also the founder of NAD (National Association of the Deaf ). His name was Robert McGregor. There is a lot of interesting stories coming out of Columbus Colony. You have to be there to know and understand. I am totally impressed with its progress to this day. You can visit its website at!

I met this guy, Dr. James Flood. He has been teacher at Ohio School For the Deaf for many years and was part of involvement of housing for deaf. He wanted to do more research and he taught me a few pointers when I was young and I was the facility manager of Columbus Colony Housing. I thank him for inspiration and understanding of deaf housing.

There were also lot of wonderful people helping move Columbus Colony forward. You can see it on its website for current information. I am curious to know about the current state of deaf housing. The funds can be obtained through various means to facilitiate the needs of the deaf housing.

The residents pulled a surprise on me when they asked me to come to discussion about tenant matters. They surprised me with birthday cake and celebration. I was flabbergasted and overwhelmed by their kindness. Being the facility manager was a positive experience working with senior citizens and providing social and assistance in their needs 7 days a week. The housing had cafeteria, laundry room, dining area,and other amenties. You can see it on the website. Contact them for more info!

Previous management experience:

I did manage several properties for my grandmother while in high school. Then I was hired by City Equity Corporation in St. Louis to manage the Boulevard Apartments. The apartments were for people with disabilities. There were about 7 deaf living there at the time. Then I got hired by Columbus Colony to manage the Housing from October 1980 to July 1982. I was hired by Oxford Management to manage Foxwell Apartments in Baltimore, MD from August 1982 to July 1983. I was consulted a few times throughout the years. I am encouraging each state to consider deaf housing.

This may involve a lot of ideas and plans to prepare a deaf housing from start to finish. You, as a non-profit organization -(Section 501 (c)(3))-can qualify for funds from HUD (Housing and Urban Development) - Section 202 or Section 8 or other pertinent funding depending on what the Federal Register says. You can subsribe to read the Federal Register from government as to what programs are available for your group to request.

Most cases show they start with 40 units. In the past, it used to be over 100 or more, but due to problems, it was suggested to be at 40 units or less. There is more acceptable concept focused on group housing and they all be on one level. Various needs can be added depending on fundraising and how much the private groups can bring forth to the satisfication of local and government officials in granting permits for such operation. Each case is case by case so different needs are considered in each case.

All apartments are to be deaf friendly! Your landlord is responsible for providing safety in your apartment so there should be warning and visual lighting for smoke, fire, doorbell, security and protection alarms.

I am compiling data on deaf housing throughout the globe. I will appreciate your feedback to me about your hometown and are there any housing for deaf there? I am aware of several places such as:


and more....

Deaf Housing - a program that enables the deaf residents to socialize in an environment suitable to their liking in home, social and personal development. There are various groups from sheltered workshops to senior housing. It may include nursing care in some cases. The field is wide open with opportunities.

Please e-mail me info about your housing in any place so I can do more research and make housing available.

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February 15, 2009