Saturday, February 7, 2009


The quotes in this picture were from TRULY DEDICATED DEAF ACTIVISTS - "The fundraising has existed for many years. But you have never alloted a fair share of the fund to the deaf community to fulfill their needs. A social service agency to be run by the deaf themselves!!!" The hearing man in that picture responded that "there were many agencies which can help you!!!"

There was another picture but the picture faded as there was hearing man speakng at annual fundraising banquet. A deaf citizen stood up when the hearing man said, "Thank you very much for your contributions....ANY QUESTIONS?" He said, "We, the deaf have contributed as much as anyone. How about establishing a social service agency to be administrated by the Deaf themselves???"

The hearing man replied, "Again, you bring up the question. There are many other agencies which can help the deaf. I don't know any other answer. Your question is sensible, but we have never received any complaint from national deaf associations and also state deaf associations. I hope they will get up and do something in accordance to your positive plea!!!

Many years ago a friend passed me the papers when I was trying to set up social agency. He warned me that most of the money went to hearing people. I did not believe him. I wanted to follow what others did like GLAD of Los Angeles. He reminded me that this town does not make anything easier for deaf community. I looked at him and saw the papers he showed me. I remember when the papers were crisp, clean and new.

You can tell by that picture above that the paper had aged and yellowed. I have been in advocacy for more than 40 years. In those days, the word, "audism" was unheard of. What was the word we would have used in those days? Probably nothing and there were lack of education, motivation and sharing to grow.

That man is deceased now but I have not forgotten his comments and seriousness in combating audism. He fought hard with interpreters to make sure they adhere to code of ethics. Frankly in the old days, the interpreters tried to control the deaf consumers. He tried to get deaf leaders to work together only to face series of crab theory. He was frustrated and angry when nothing worked in his favor. He spent years and time trying. He gave up and left town.

Thinking back then, I remember it like yesterday about the struggles for access to communication and other programs. It was not an easy task, but still it burns in my mind about his comments when he showed me the papers.

That was so 20th century and now it is the 21st century! It is time to allocate some funds to enable the deaf to run agencies for advocacy, training and empowerment. Write letters to your state respresentatives or senators to educate them on how you would be better off having services geared to the needs of the deaf.

You do know for a fact that oralism is not the answer. It brings more problems and a false facade for the hearing professionals who profess to continue audism.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do, but let the time take care of it. Eventualy things will turn out better and it is now the time to put aside any differences, anger, hatred, and any emotins.

So today does audism exist at social services?

What is your answer? I will be getting your responses to compile statistics.

Have a splendid weekend!