Thursday, October 23, 2008



What bothers me the most are those people at DMH sitting on their arses doing nothing! They are too busy making excuses and they are showing favorism to hearing people where the dollars go! They had the gall to spend $539,000.00 on interpreting services. It shows lack of common sense on their part. They are breaking the laws that protect disabilities everyday since Barry Critchfield left the office. The new administrator of deaf program need to get busy and stop window dressing! Enough is enough!

I have managed organizations and companies for many years. I know administrative decisions being made from top to the bottom rung of the ladder. I have hired and fired people. The business plan is the key to success of company and organization.

Steve Hamerdinger and Barry Critchfield had those business plans ready. They are SUCCESSFUL administrators! They have national and international reputation in mental health field. DMH insulted them!!!

It does NOT take a rocket scientist to figure out what options can be utilized in the wake of problems facing us.

Keith Schafer needs to go! John Heskett needs to go! Some people who pushed Barry Critchfield out need to go! They are only making things worse and wasting time!

I will stand on my feet and read the riot acts with those DMH administrators til my face is blue! I will continue pointing fingers at DMH administrators. I will remind them everyday they are responsible for the mess.

They cannot sweep those issues under their carpet! It is OUT in OPEN!

The cat is out of the bag! Actions speak louder than words!

Our testimonies at the recent conference is enough to blow them out of the water!

Like I said over a year ago, we need to initiate the lawsuit! Time has wasted and no one is taking lawsuit seriously! It needs to be done to put DMH on the right track!

Do we need a dead deaf person to act on it?

Shame on you! Those hearing people in Missouri who are practicing audism need Deaf Culture 101!

Paul Kiel
a private citizen