Monday, October 13, 2008



News Article from Springfield Newspaper

I responded to the article in their newspaper:

Deaf_Advocate wrote:

I do not think Burrell CEO and President Todd Schaible is being honest about his policy decisions. I have been told that he has audistic attitude towards deaf clients. He needs sensitivity training to understand deaf culture. His history with deaf clients and the deaf community are not pleasant.

As for 14Liberty - written notes are not helpful when there are complex terms and sensitivity in understanding what needs to be done. We simply need deaf professionals to counsel and assist deaf clients.

As for sitUBUsit, he/she is right - we are a minority in the hearing world and it is often at times hard to draw boundaries. This is how and why we need someone else to do the job.

Recently, we found out that DMH has been spending average of $539,000.00 on interpreting services alone. This is not a wise and sound decision.

DMH needs to re-prioritize the costs by hiring at least 4 deaf professionals at averaging $40,000.00 per professional. Then throw in at least $20,000.00 to cover benefits and travel expenses. The road to recovery will be better for deaf clients.

Deaf Advocates - please send your responses to that news story! It is time to take Dr. Todd Schaible to task for his comments. He said a lie about saying, " the information from the deaf community is simply not true." He is calling us liars and it is time to revolt!

We need to have a protest rally at his facility and show him how wrong he is and it is time for him to eat his crow!


Paul K.