Friday, October 3, 2008

Jay Leno DOES NOT HAVE to apologize to St. Joseph Institute For the Deaf!

With the recent hoopla about St. Joseph's crying about Jay's joke, Jay was talking about deaf kids not hearing what he said.

He pointed out the unusual headlines and listings found in papers. There was a story about Barbershop singers going to schools. He joked about shrugging his shoulders and mouthing his words without sound.

Jay Leno does NOT have to apologize. He is a comedian and we can laugh it off. He does not have to worry about what happened.

The bottom line is St. Joseph has been spewing lies since 1934. It was founded as a sign language school in 1837. This is pure AUDISM at work!

I am glad that Jay said something to bring this front and center for us to know the truth behind the lies of St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf.

They had a principal who had been abusing deaf children for more than 50 years.

This shows how much hypocrisy St. Joe's is. They swept it under the carpet and tried to hide the crime from the public.

Now the principal is dead and rotting in hell!