Friday, August 5, 2011

"Hearing Specialist" card is a straw that broke the camel's back!

August 5, 2011

Alexander Graham, CEO, AGBAD
Susan Boswell, Director of Communications and Marketing, AGBAD

With recent bad membership campaign, it is a straw that broke the camel's back.

Having studied the influences of AGBAD for more than 40 years, I am finding that AGBAD employ same tactics that Taliban, Nazi, KKK and evil groups use to gain dominance in the deaf community and belittling those who are against them. You use the tactics to propagate your lies. You took advantage of many families who are hurting from your evil actions.

Your organization is not telling the truth and you are continuing the lies that Alexander Graham Bell started in the 19th century.

I was raised in oral communication program and I find it not acceptable and hurting the deaf community.

I was ex-member of ODAS (Oral Deaf Adult Section of AGBAD) and I find it uncomfortable and disrespectful.

I saw what you have done for more than 40 years including the tactics you have employed since September 11, 1880 and I am labeling you as one of the terrorist organizations.

Let me remind you once more what Alexander Graham Bell did in his evil ways and you are the party to his evil deeds.

The Infamous Milan Conference and its Eight (8) Evil Resolutions:


1. The Convention, considering the incontestable superiority of articulation over signs in restoring the deaf-mute to society and giving him a fuller knowledge of language, declares that the oral method should be preferred to that of signs in education and the instruction of deaf-mutes.

Passed 160 to 4

** This motion enabled your group to terrorize deaf programs and schools starting on September 11, 1880.


2. The Convention, considering that the simultaneous use of articulation and signs has the disadvantage of injuring articulation and lip-reading and the precision of ideas, declares that the pure oral method should be preferred.

Passed 150 to 16

**This motion enabled your organization to propogate lies of oralism. The history has proven that there are many deaf people suffering mental health problems due to your selfish actions. The Babbage Report of 1965 and The Deaf Education Act of 1988 have indicated that the oral programs have failed.


3. Considering that a great number of the deaf and dumb are not receiving the benefit of instruction, and that this condition is owing to the impotence of families and of institutions, recommends that governments should take the necessary steps that all the deaf and dumb may be educated.

Passed unanimously.

**It is your lame excuse to divide and conquer the deaf community. You were responsible for firing many deaf teachers and used illegal tactics to reduce the number of deaf staff at each program right after the infamous Milan Conference of 1880. You are lining the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats just exactly like Alexander Graham Bell did when he went to the Patent Office to bribe his way to fame. He stole the inventions of other people to gain his evil control of the deaf community. You are sleeping in same bed with cochlear implant industry who are busy whoring with you with millions of dollars to buy your influence.


4. Considering that the teaching of the speaking deaf by the Pure Oral method should resemble as much as possible that of those who hear and speak, declares

a) That the most natural and effectual means by which the speaking deaf may acquire the knowledge of language is the "intuitive" method, viz., that which consists in setting forth, first by speech, and then by writing the objects and the facts which are placed before the eyes of the pupils.

b) That in the first, or maternal, period the deaf-mute ought to be led to the observation of grammatical forms by means of examples and of practical exercises, and that in the second period he ought to be assisted to deduce from these examples the grammatical rules, expressed with the utmost simplicity and clearness.

c) That books, written with words and in forms of language known to the pupil, can be put into his hands at any time.

Motion carried.

**This motion is a "Trojan horse", a destructive program that you are using to cover your stealth ways to dominate the deaf education. It is known as "the mask of benevolence." There is a book with same title written by Harlan Lane who detailed how audism is affecting the deaf community and how AGBAD is doing it.


5. Considering the want of books sufficiently elementary to help the gradual and progressive development of language, recommends that the teachers of the Oral system should apply themselves to the publication of special works on the subject.

Motion carried.

**This is how and what you are doing to dumbing down the deaf community and forcing them to stay at very low level and develop poor literacy.


6. Considering the results obtained by the numerous inquiries made concerning the deaf and dumb of every age and every condition long after they had quit school, who, when interrogated upon various subjects, have answered correctly, with sufficient clearness of articulation, and read the lips of their questioners with the greatest facility, declares

a) That the deaf and dumb taught by the Pure Oral method do not forget after leaving school the knowledge which they have acquired there, but develop it still further by conversation and reading, when have been made so easy for them.

b) That in their conversation with speaking persons they make use exclusively of speech.

c) That speech and lip-reading so far from being lost, are developed by practice.

Motion carried.

** There were several studies available that favored deaf students to use ASL. Bell chose to oppress the information and dominated his way around. He used his influence and finances to bribe people. Two federal studies (1965 and 1988) have proven otherwise. In a local oral program, 98% of graduates/left school are using ASL.


7. Considering that the education of the deaf and dumb by speech has peculiar requirements; considering also that the experienced of teachers of deaf-mutes is almost unanimous, declares

a) That the most favourable age for admitting a deaf child into school is from eight to ten years.

b) That the school term ought to be seven years at least; but eight years would be preferable.

c) That no teacher can effectually teach a class of more than ten children on the Pure Oral method.

Motion carried.

** This is how and why you fired deaf teachers to gain dominance over deaf education. Your actions have dumbed down the deaf consumers for over 131 years.


8. Considering that the application of the Pure Oral method in institutions where it is not yet in active operation, should be to avoid the certainty of failure prudent, gradual, progressive, recommends

a) That the pupils newly received into the schools should form a class by themselves, where instruction could be given by speech.

b) That these pupils should be absolutely separated from others too far advanced to be instructed by speech, and whose education will be completed by signs.

c) That each year a new speaking class be established, until all the old pupils taught by signs have completed their education.

Motion carried.

** This is a pure example of your dominance of deaf education. You have undermined and handicapped the deaf community. It is a practice of audism.


This shows how greedy and selfish hearing people were and still are to this day! This is why oralism is a false facade.
Those audists have undone what Laurent Clerc, Thomas H. Gallaudet, Alice Cogswell and others have put together.

Having pure oralism philosophy is NOT helping thousands of deaf children globally.

Oral deaf people have higher mental health problems than the deaf who have accepted American Sign Language.

Why do we have to struggle to get as much as 30% on lipreading and it takes 70% of guesswork to complete the communicaton process?

Your organization as well as other audistic groups are employing tactics to dominate, restructure and exercise authority over the deaf.

Shame on you!

Sincerely in disgust,

Paul J Kiel
a tireless Deaf Adovocate

"A day when deaf people and their language are completely accepted -- no, more than that, truly welcomed -- as a part of the family of man, in which god created diversity not to oppress the minority who are different, but to enrich the lives of all."
-- Laurent Clerc