Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deaf Images introduces "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!"

Deaf Images introduces, "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" a new service available for families and friends

Deaf Images is opening a new program, "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" a documentary about your life from childhood to present. A good momento or gift for your loved ones or family or friends. If interested, e-mail to myfavaslworld@yahoo.com for information package. $50.00 off if you mention FACEBOOK! A great gift for birthday or any event that you want to give to a special person! The individual project requires 30 days or more to prepare for editing and preparing. The Fall Schedule is open for booking and do not forget to use the code FB to get $50.00 off the "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" There are templates to consider which package you can pick out. Also you can put that in Holiday stocking in time for Christmas season. DEADLINE TO PROCESS YOUR ORDERS IS November 30, 2011 for the rest of year. 2012 Schedule will open on December 1, 2011 - gift certificates are available for you to give to your loved ones on Christmas Day. Then they will love it sometime during 2012 when the project is completed according to schedule.

The "IT IS YOUR LIFE!" video on DVD can be enjoyed as pure entertainment. Think of it as a scrapbook - a multi-media type of scrapbook.

This new concept is better than the old scrapbooks that are laying around your house or still in closets gathering dust. Let's get them out of closets and save a space. No dust! No clutter! No worry!

Themes can be considered for your own copy of "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" - your themes can be divided into variety of topics. This program displays birth, baptism, child's play, bar mitzvah, other religious events, holiday events, picnic events, reunion, family reunions, parties of all kinds, vacations, sports, graduation, retirement and many more! It is your imagination that makes it happen. This is how and why "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!"

After signing the agreement, you can help make "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" a pleasant one. Everyone will be able to view the show together at home or gatherings. Share the fun of showing your "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" to your visitors.

You all get to laugh, applaud, cheer, hug and do more.

You can pause the video by pressing on the "PAUSE" button. You can comment or share discussion with your family or friends.

The benefits of having "IT IS YOUR DEAF LIFE!" can help find harmony among the family. It builds more connections. It is useful for all ages and more beneficial for your elder loved ones who need to reflect.

The sound of laughing, comments, etc can be dubbed onto your DVD if you wish for your hearing families or friends. It is an option that can be purchased. All videos have no audio capacity unless you specify having one in the contract.

More information available soon! Pricing list available for individual projects. Accepting projects now.

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