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Excerpted from St. Louis Deaf Advocate (Volume XXIX, Number 1, January/February 1996.

FUTURE SHOCK: DEAF HOLOCAUST - An Editorial by Paul Kiel
Holocaust is a destruction of life and is known as a form of genocide. The elimination of deafness is a typical of holocaust. Deaf children locally and nationally are the victims of holocaust being done by the medical profession and the schools that promote cochlear implanting. The deaf children locally are becoming the vanishing breed and the deaf leaders are looking the other way. As of October 1995, 40 percent of deaf children at Central Institute for the Deaf have been implanted while 35 percent of deaf children at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf are also implanted. That makes a total of 75 percent of the total deaf population and that leaves 25 percent of deaf children not being implanted. This is a holocaust being initiated by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and this came a long way since his vision of eliminating the deaf from human race that started in 1880. Bell as well as other people throughout the history are considered perpetuators of crime against the deaf humanity. Dr. Max Goldstein is considered another perpetuator against the deaf humanity.

CREATER OF DEAF HOLOCAUST : A.G. BELL (condensed version for this blog)

In 1883, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell presented a paper titled "Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race" before the National Academy of Science in New Haven, Connecticut. He did not believe that deaf persons should be allowed to marry each other. He was totally against the idea of having deaf have intermarriages. He was worried about the type of race that the deaf had demonstrated in 1880s. He noted that man was able to modify breeds of animals by careful selection, and he reasoned that it should be possibly similarly to modify the varieties of the human race. He admitted that his statistics were incomplete and hoped that publication of such information would lead to their completion. Bell stated that those who believed as he did that the production of a defective race (deaf) of human beings would be a great calamity to the world. Bell was so concerned about how the deaf functioned in their lifestyles that he stepped up strategies to discourage the deaf from meeting each other. He used oral philosophy as a hidden agenda to accomplish his plan to eliminate the deaf from the face of Earth. He did not approve of the educational system where the deaf work with the deaf in education settings. He succeeded in getting the infamous Milan mandate that stopped the use of sign language in classrooms. He did not approve of the deaf socializing among themselves, having reunions, having social gatherings, forming their own clubs and associations, publishing their own newspapers, holding religious worships, and having state and national conventions as further encouraging social intercourse among them. Such association, Bell believed, restricted deaf persons' selection of partners and friends. Bell thought about enacting a law banning such intermarriages. It backfired on him. He saw forbidding congenitally deaf persons from marrying each other as one way to check the "evil" although he admitted that "proving that a person had been born deaf" would probably make the law inoperative. To Bell, the ideal condition would have been to place only one deaf child in a school with hearing children. Bell opposed the employment of deaf teachers and considered them "another element favorable to the formation of a deaf race, therefore to be avoided."

Bell had trouble getting support from the deaf as one noted educator of the deaf opposed him. Dr Phillip Gillet, Illinois School for the Deaf Superintendent, then the largest residential school for the deaf studied 1,886 students and alumni of the school and found no justification for Dr. Bell's position. George Veditz, a deaf teacher, called Alexander Graham Bell the American most feared by the deaf people saying, "....he comes in the guise of a friend, and is therefore the most to be feared enemy of the American deaf, past and present."

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Deaf Can Live, Learn and Lead...

Where is the truth in advertising? Can we say that hearing people have been making decisions for over 100 years that harms the deaf community?

What was Laurent Clerc thinking in his journal near the end of his time? See it in my upcoming blog.

What was Robert McGregor thinking when he established NAD in 1880?

What was George Veditz thinking when he focused on AG Bell’s evil ways?

What were hundreds of leaders through the pages of history thinking?

That is a tough call to know what reality is affecting us in communities.

How much sacrifices do we have to give in to please the hearing people?

Where is our equal time and space on same issues?

We breathe same air, we eat same food, we sleep and a lot of common stuff we share in the community.

Communication is the main issue between the hearing and the deaf.

It is, of course, obvious that hearing people tend to have the upper hand in many decisions affecting us from the cradle to grave.

Why can’t they step back and allow us to live, learn and lead?

After 25 years of CI, the argument remains the same.. It is a merely an expensive hearing aid and it does not have same hearing sense as hearing people have. It is all mechanical and electronical. Not a real sense of hearing like they enjoy.

The bottom line is that audism is rampant everywhere.

Have a good one!


*the picture of pin was used at the deaf awareness event in St. Louis many years ago. It was a way to educate the public that the deaf can do anything except to hear...**

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No such thing as reverse audism....

Suffice to say, I do not agree with comments about reverse audism. There is no such thing and it does NOT exist.

We do use reverse psychology at times in some situations.

reverse psychology (from
(in nontechnical use) a method of getting another person to do what one wants by pretending not to want it or to want something else or something more.

reverse audism ??? It makes no sense and is non-existent.

I do agree with definition of dysconscious audism.

For unity, we need to remember this "United We Stand, Divided we Fall"

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Remember the recent issue about removing that plaque from the dorm.

Where is it at?

a. trash

b. melted into something (recycling)

c. put in a safe to protect it

d. hanging on the wall on third floor ( Audiology Dept ) at NTID

Which answer is correct?

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From Amy's blog ( about "AG BELL Infamous Telegram to NBC"**

It is a proof of audism at work even before the word was coined. The ripple effect is happening around the world. It is helping break the shackles of audism. This is as result of 129 years of audism.

I am so glad that the truth is shining light on the dark side of AG Bell and its cronies.

It is the beginning of the final chapter of audism!

Blogshere as well as vlogsphere conttribute to the fall of audism!

Many thanks to everyone and let the freedom roll!

Kudos to Audism Free America for rolling the ball in the right direction.

Smiling from ear to ear,

Paul Kiel

April 5, 2009

AFA Ceremony at GSLAD (St. Louis, MO)

The A.F.A. Ceremony was held at GSLAD Friday evening, April 3, 2009. Paul Kiel introduced the audience about the AFA and its mission. Paul gave a brief history of the blue ribbon and how it originated in the Nazi Germany.

The following people in the picture are Louise Fabbio, Trudy Miller, Paul Kiel, Nina Wilson, Carolyn McMillion, Joe Falgier, Michelle Doyle and Kevin Meyer.

A follow up for A.F.A. Ceremony will be on Saturday, April 18 at 4 p.m. at GSLAD. The blue ribbons will be given to the attendees for the afternoon ceremony. If you are interested in having a blue ribbon, let us know by e-mail at

The kind volunteers, Nancy Edmondson and Shawn Elfrink have been making blue ribbons. We thank them for their kindess.

We are rooting for Audism Free America. We are proud of the people in Washington, D.C. for their time and effort to seek common ground with AGBAD.

Let the freedom roll!

April 5, 2009

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Like it or not, AG Bell is indeed a Public Enemy #1!
I would like to respond to Miss Kat's blog. I saw your blog. I can understand how naive you can be. I grew up in oral envrionment until I saw sign language. I had gone to many presentations for oral school. They made a lot of money using me in their presentations. I was on television, in newspapers, magazines and lecture circuit from 1956 to 1967. I was told not to use ASL and I was "brainwashed" into believing oralism works. I can remember how those people ask me to practice saying stuff before speaking to the public audiences. I viewed it as part of biased promotion. Suffice to say, I told them after the last presentation that I did not want to do any more presentations for the school or anyone from the school. I am sorry to say it did not work. Oralism is a false facade for audism.

If you can walk a mile in my shoes, all those comments in your blog and others will be different and be more perspective in understanding how the system is affecting everyone. I do not mind people making choices. It is the false advertising that bothers us. We know the truth and we want to have the system that is on equal terms. We have been oppressed for centuries so it is time to say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" We would like to have equal access to communication. So we need to tell AG Bell and its cronies to stop oppressing us and stop spreading lies about us. Please do not kid yourself on this subject as it is a serious matter that needs to be addressed.

I know I am not alone. I read about every blog that goes on and on. I see both sides.

As for Robert's comments about me, he does not know me enough to make such comments. I do not know him, but I will let him be.

The words I collected were from Deafhood website. If you can look at it at, this is how I learned.

Spending more than 40 years in community services, I have seen scores and scores of dumped children (with C.I.) and mainstreamed kids going to state deaf schools or ASL programs. I dealt with over 240 mainstreamed kids and it was a very difficult as the majority of them became obsolete. The society did not want them when they finished school. Where do they go? They collect social security. They stay home. They go on addiction. Most have mental health problems.

The success rate among those so-called teacher's pets (those who kiss up to audists and stubborn people who are anti-ASL) are smaller and it seems that they forgot to look at the failures of the program. It is that the audists are busy sweeping the failures under the carpet and elsewhere.

This is why A.F.A. has a good argument that we do need to know the truth and we can be free to move on.

It is very obvious from September 11, 1880 to now. I have already threaded the stories of deaf people from September 12, 1880 to today. The common denominator among the deaf the last 129 years show audism occurred in every phase of programs.

It is ironic how many parents have died and left them alone. I have seen so many families breaking up over issues of "who is the boss now?" "who gets this or that in the house?" "who gets what" there are many stories about how many siblings change after parents passing.

The halos disappear fast once a parent dies. The hearing siblings will ignore the deaf sibling and grab up what is there for them. I know about a guy who got desperate when his family got more income and more opportunities. What did he do and he wanted to have same opportunity. He resorted to robbing a bank to get the money. The outcome was not pleasant as he broke the federal law so it is stiffer penalty for him.

Deaf siblings in many families are always left out! Not very many will respect the deaf siblings'needs or do more.

Audism does run in families so what you do today will affect tomorrow's challenges.

If AG Bell was never born, the deaf world would be in perfect place and there would be more harmony.

It is a shame that more than 53% of AGBAD is involved in medical profession. It is a simple case of quackery at its best when they pursue $$$ to fatten their financial portfolios. This is like slavery and taking advantage of unsuspecting parents and the public.

April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

DMH's Program Tonight Bombed!

DMH's Program Tonight Bombed!

Tonight's program, " An Open Community Forum: The Future of Mental Health Services for the Deaf/HH Presented by Stephanie Winslow, Director for Deaf and Multicultural Services
Missouri Department of Mental Health" was bombed. It did not produce anything new. It only is same old old stuff with some changes like window dressing.

Her presentations has set DMH back more than 30 years. Most of us are disappointed as there was nothing new. Most of us have spent years and time getting things the way the deaf community wants. Still DMH is thumbing its nose on us.

It was bold and clear from the start of presentation to the end that there was nothing constructive or capable for deaf community to benefit from DMH. It is still same thing such as "passing the buck" and trying to pacify us.

After inquiring about her background in mental health, she seems not qualified. She does not have the same credentials that Barry Critchfield and Steve Hamerdinger have. I did ask her to resign from the position as we reminded her that we were told that DMH would hire a deaf person and wait until after September 30th. They already hired her long before September 30th. This looks obvious from the actions by DMH. The DAC is a pacifier for them. They simply want to run the show and ignore our needs.

After reading many materials the past few months, I have come across this one - "Cultural Diversity Series: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Persons who are Deaf" dated May 2002 and prepared by Barry Critchfield. This report is a clear indication of what Missouri DMH should have been doing.
There is copy of it available at

What does this mean?

It is time to mount legal challenges with Missouri DMH on federal laws, including the ADA and ADAA, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Human Rights Act and various legal avenues. There is a big question of Missouri DMH's acceptance of medicaid from patients. In the contract with federal government in accepting federal funds from Medicaid, they have signed agreement to promise not to "discriminate".

Yet, Missouri DMH has been discriminating against deaf consumers of mental health for years and years. It is time to look into this kind of legal challenge.

We have found some deaf patients who are suffering from lack of support services. More deaf people are coming out of woodwork and we neeed them all to testify in court.

After many months, it is time for me to write a letter to DMH, Missouri Governor Nixon,and the State of Missouri including Senate and House of Representatives. The letter will be an intent to sue them all for lack of mental health services for the deaf. I will be contacting the lawyers referral list to see who is willing to represent the Deaf People of Missouri in legal challenges.

The case could be the Deaf People of Missouri vs Missouri Department of Mental Health, Missouri Governor Nixon and the State of Missouri including Senate and House of Representatives.

It worked for New York, North Carolina, California, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama and Minnesota. IF they can, we can!

Suffice to say, tonight's progam has bombed and it is a final straw that broke the camel's back!

Paul Kiel
A private citizen

April 2, 2009