Monday, November 16, 2009


This book reminded me when I was younger and I loved reading it over and over. This story reminds me of ICED and its actions the past 130 years.

I guess ICED ( International Congress on the Education of the Deaf ) is waking up from it sleep and keep missing its watch and duty to protect the rights of deaf in education and life. It sufferes from Rip Van Winkle Syndrome. What took it almost 130 years to act on the rights of Deaf Education?

Conferences upon Conferences since 1880 have not done anything to correct its sins of 1880.

Does history have to repeat over and over with no action to remedy the wrongs?

Why does it take that long to the point where CAD stood up and demanded an apology from ICED?

Where were we? Were we asleep at the wheel?

This is no excuse and we need to reverse the 1880 resolutions.

Two federal studies have lambasted and discredited the oral education twice (1964 and 1988).

How much more do we need to discredit the lies of audism?

It is time to wake ICED up from its slumber and get the ball rolling!

Thank you, CAD for standing up to ICED!