Saturday, November 7, 2009


The movie, Gerald, was REAL GOOD! It should win an Oscar...Mark Woods gets an Oscar as well as Andy Vasnick gets an Oscar for excellent performance. The cast and story were good and gets 5 star rating - ***** By George, I had to cry. The plot thickens as the movie unravels its storylines....whoo! ASLFILMS did grand job! The fourth time! Now what is the fifth?

Mindy and Mark.. I will like to see a movie made...I am working on script..i will meet you sometime and go over the future possibilities of another movie. I do not want to invest in equipment as funds are hard. Let me know. hmm your cinema skills are improving!

Very easy on the eyes and the way ASL is used from start to finish. FANTASTIC! It felt like I was in the same room with them. It felt like roller coaster with emotions up and down! Congrats to Mindy, Mark and ASLFILMS!

Hugs, Paul