Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DMH (Dept. of Mental Health) is a disgrace to the Missouri Deaf Community!

DMH (Dept. of Mental Health) is a disgrace to the Missouri Deaf Community!

Recently, I got some referrals about some families and children needing mental health services. It is a major embarrassment having to tell them either go to DMH or to a private program that lacks support services for Deaf. They were looking for a therapist who are able to use ASL. They are having difficult time in locating one.

After sharing this with several mental health professionals, we came up empty. It is obvious that DMH is a disgrace for the Missouri Deaf Community.

This is 2009 and we are so sick and sick of knowing about the lack of mental health support for Deaf community.

It is like what one professional said, "If you were hearing, we could help you. But you are Deaf, so DMH has nothing to offer you. Good Luck! Hang tough!"

Will this so-called interpreter who "stole" the DMH job from the deaf community continue saying, " We are working on it.. We are collecting information... We are waiting for survey results."

Despite my protests to all levels of the state government about DMH, going to every "so-called" responsible people in mental health profession inside and outside, contacting several agencies assigned to provide solutions and endless tirade in public, DMH continues to pass the buck and screwing the poor Deaf Missourians' lives. The clock is ticking for next mental health crisis.

The mental health problems do not take vacation, do not move to the back burner, do not rest, do not sleep, do not relax, and simply ignores the seriousness of mental health cases affecting the deaf patients.

The new year's resolution is to initiate legal action against DMH! No more dragging feet, no more excuses, no more bullshit, no more window dressing, no more shell game, no more waiting.


January 06, 2009