Thursday, November 6, 2008

Burrell Behavorial Health Services not meeting the Deaf Community Standards?

Mr. Todd Schaible, CEO and President
Burrell Behavorial Health
1300 Bradford Parkway
Springfield, MO 65804

Dear Mr. Schaible:

It has come to my attention that there are issues at Burrell Behavorial Health.

There has been lack of equal communication access and lack of professional mental health services for the deaf. The former and current patients have expressed frustrations in handling the real needs of the deaf patients. Your decision to break up families with different counselors are not helping as none of those counselors have expertise in handling the deaf mental health issues.

I have been receiving letters from those people using your services and there is a need to get the ball rolling to meet the needs of the deaf patients at Burrell Behavorial Health. I will be coming down to your facility to review these matters with you.

I simply want to see equal communication access opportunities and see a program of having mental health services for the deaf. I will be happy to provide sensitivity training for your staff to enable them to know the proper steps next time a deaf patient enters the doors of Burell Behavorial Health.

There will be a community meeting later that day in Springfield after I check facts with you. This is to help me know what to do before responding to what needs to be done to correct the wrongs at Burrell Behavorial Health. I certainly hope that you will rescind your decsions to allow the deaf patients a better and quality care. There are guidelines that can help your organization to do a better job in handling the deaf patients.

Please help us stop our deaf fellows from falling through the cracks of mental health programs!


Paul Kiel
- a private citizen -

St. Louis, MO

cc: William Sheppard (unable to get e-mail and did call to request at his home phone) Board of Director
Clifford Brown, Board of Director
Fred Hall, Board of Director
Deaf Community