Tuesday, May 20, 2008


** This video was made 2 years ago when Paul discovered the truth in who invented the telephone so the true telephone inventor was someone else other than AG Bell!

Paul said on the Orange Brown Coalition blog:

This is interesting how Alan went that way.

He needs to be more sensitive to the Deaf Community. He has too much oralism pride in his heart that he cannot change things like the Deaf Community wants.

He does use ASL but he should know better how Bell abused the Deaf community and he went to extremes to trying to remove the deaf from the human race.

I declared him (A.G. Bell) a Hitler born before the real Hitler was born and that was around 1984. He conspired Hitler to kill 6 million Jewish people.

My eyes opened wider when I worked at Gallaudet College Library back in 1972. I was shocked to find so many secrets in the basement of Gallaudet Library. This is how and why the doors are opening up now to expose the dark secrets of audism that started in 1880.

The infamous Milan conference ruined many Deaf lives the last 128 years.

Bell is reaching out of his grave to thank Alan for keeping his name on the dorm building. This is a mockery as Bell had nothing to do with NTID or RIT at all. Prove me wrong?

The bottom line is that the Deaf community already expressed its desire to see the Bell plaque removed and the dorm be renamed to honor deaf person who made have contributions to the Deaf community.

Like hell, Bell is not a contributor to deaf community. He was traitor, liar, cheater and thief. He stole the telephone invention from Meucci so it was not Bell's idea.

His mother and wife were deaf so it showed how shameful Bell was in trying to remove deaf from the human race.....

The bottom line is that Alexander Graham Bell has no place in the Deaf history anymore except he was a villian and traitor!

Why honor a villian and traitor?

Does Germany have a place for Hitler? It is a BIG NO!

So Alexander Graham Bell has to GO!

So my dear friend, Alan, please reconsider your actions and honor the Deaf community.

Thank you!

Paul Kiel
SVP '74 G- 1978

P.S. As a protest for not removing the plaque and renaming the building, I will not come to the alumni reunion (40th). I have not been back to NTID much lately as it promoted audism and lack of respect for true Deaf culture.

So I say GOOD BYE to NTID!

**This has been revised today as NTID accussed me of making inflammatory