Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GSLAD Launches Missouri Video Relay Service - MOVRS

GSLAD Launches Missouri Video Relay Service - MOVRS
We are ahead of the curve for Deaf and Hard of Hearing!

Paul Kiel - info@gslad.org
Marketing Coordinator for MOVRS

St. Louis, Missouri, December 8, 2007 - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Missourians will enjoy an effective and simpler way to make phone calls with today's launch of MOVRS (Missouri Video Relay Service). GSLAD has entered into partnership with CSDVRS, LLC to implement MOVRS. This is a tremendous opportunity for GSLAD as they form an affiliate outreach partnership with CSDVRS, LLC.

MOVRS allows Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers using Sign Language to reach video interpreters using their videophone or webcam to communicate with any hearing person. The trained and qualified interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The VRS user can dial any number using videophone or webcam to connect to a live Video Interpreter. The Video Interpreter can facilitate communication between the sign language user and the hearing person.

MOVRS becomes a driving force in empowering deaf and hard of hearing Missourians to focus on increased awareness and accessibility.

“GSLAD is ahead of the curve by providing a community service in partnership with CSDVRS. We need to have a variety of choices to meet individual needs. CSDVRS is recognized as a leader in provision of services and this, is a good time for us to benefit from the new service,” said Jeffrey Willoughby, GSLAD President. “MOVRS is a useful communication tool. It enables Deaf and Hard of Hearing users to have functional equivalency.”

“GSLAD has a mission to provide a variety of opportunities to the deaf and hard of hearing community. MOVRS is a perfect addition to their mission,” said Tim Rarus, Vice President of Sales for CSDVRS. “In addition, CSDVRS is committed to working with an organization that is as passionate as GSLAD in accomplishing their mission of providing opportunities for their fellow Deaf and Hard of Hearing Missourians.”

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