Friday, December 28, 2007


"It takes a Deaf village to make things work for a Deaf Individual. Yes, a village of people with common goal. There is one problem affecting in every Deaf community...the Crab theory at work...when a Deaf person is successful, there is always a tendency for someone from within the Deaf Community who would backstab and pull that person down to their level. It is difficult at times when someone spreads lies and rumors to discredit any leader. It is also a plantation mentality at work where some Deaf leaders tend to screw things up and brown nose some hearing people. They act like they know what they are doing when they do waste time fighting with others who do not agree or wanted something changed. Just like "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?", the majority of Deaf community tends to refuse to accept the new changes. It is DO or DIE!"

"For deaf advocacy to work, the Deaf Community must band together and request for social changes to improve lives and services for us all. Time and money are lost when no one is responsible for actions in deaf advocacy! Millions and millions of community dollars have been wasted! Audism spreads while good Deaf people do nothing!"

Likewise Patrick Henry said," Give me liberty or death!", it is a do or die issue for deaf community globally! We need to combat audism! It is now or never!