Saturday, April 21, 2007

Deaf Zingers - Can we do this differently?

Lately, I noticed that a blogger got too personal with some leaders. I understand that the blogger loves to trash people who "crosses" that person.

There may be a common ground that we can agree as part of deafhood. I notice that it is becoming seldom discussed.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

~~ Eleanor Roosevelt 1884 - 1962 US Diplomat and Reformer~~

I do know a few that the blogger mentioned, but I am remaining on sidelines for now. I simply wish we all can be able to work together and move forward. I have done a few zingers towards those who practice audism and who are unable to lead the deaf community. No matter how many years we have put in to get our rights to ASL and advocacy. It is still on-going process.

Let's discuss ideas and events more often and less about people except to reward them for their achievements and success in improving our needs in community.

Historically, people love "CONFLICTS". It is part of drama that goes back thousands of years to Greek and Roman times. You can see "happy face and sad face" in many theatres. It is comedy or tragedy. This is how life plays out. You can see volumes of horror movies at Blockbuster and few volumes on sweet and nice stories.

My professor said that there was a newspaper in one Texas town that wanted to keep positive stories in the paper. Guess what? The newspaper had to fold as no one was interested. You can see all the ragsheets at stores like "Enquirer, NY Times, etc" that produced many stories of conflicts like murder, sex, marriage issues, etc. These are what people thrive on.

What is a zinger?

It is something causing or meant to cause interest, surprise or shock. It can be a pointed witty remark or retort.

So that blogger may continue to do what pleases the community. How much longer will it be? Who knows? Of course, it is three years now, What about the next 2 years? It will probably be non-existent and a memory that belongs in the past.

Right now there are approximately over 286 blogs as well as vlogs! This is an explosion due to Gallaudet University incidents and the new technology available now. Most are fair and objective.

To each his/her own!

I am working on a video about Deaf Zingers and it will be out within a week or two.

Keep your eyes peeled for "DEAF ZINGERS"