Thursday, March 29, 2007


Introduction -

Hello, I am Paul. I am hosting Show Me Deaf Film Festival in St. Louis, Missouri. I hope you can join us in festival. The festival is "SHOW ME DEAF FILM FESTIVAL". It will be September 27 - 30 2007. It will be this Fall. It is about six months from now. Information can be found at website It is abbreviated at SMDFF. We will have workshops in mornings, movies showing afternoons and evenings, receptions, and discussions. We can share ideas and opinons about films. We would like you to join us that weekend. Interested? Join us! You have movies to show us? You made it yet? Still working on it? You have til August 31, 2007 to enter your films. August 31 is a final date. Cut off date. Understood? Good! =) Know what's the name of the following items shown? Know how to produce? Direct? Join us! We look forward to your joining us next fall! Have a good day!