Monday, September 22, 2008



Missouri Deaf Community is very disappointed and is questioning DMH's motive in hiring a sign language interpreter for the Director position at Department of Mental Health. Historically the deaf community does NOT trust an interpreter in any positions of any work. The Deaf community prefers that a non-interpreter be in a position. There is no confidence in the process of selection and hiring.

DMH is again abdicating its responsibility in meeting the needs of our deaf community. They went ahead and selected a sign language interpreter to fill in the post of Director of Deaf and Multi-Cultural Services.

It is them doing the window dressing all over again. They are still playing the shell game. They are trying to use plantation mentality in telling us to go to the Legislators who determine the budget. It is like saying, "There is candy in that store. Go there!... It is like they are trying to move the funds around and around to satisfy the hearing people's wishes rather than helping us. I have said months ago that it is time to initiate the lawsuit. We are not going to wait another day. We have suffered for the last few years without any proper mental health services for the deaf.

I do applaud the deaf leaders for making presentations last week at DMH, but the buck stops at DMH's desk. It is not the legislation nor outsiders of DMH. DMH has the money and they are still playing the shell game. We need the services now. Not two years from now! More Deaf are falling through the cracks now and the next two years. Where is our safety net?

We need to read between the lines over and over! It is simple that DMH is again bluffing us!

Those who are interested in serving mental health services for the deaf, please let me know. I will be happy to move the mountains and the buildings to see that a qualified person gets the job. We sincerely hope the interpreter can turn down the job as it is not qualified for that person.

I have checked the deaf media resources and I did not see any posting so I am including this posting. I warn you that the person I e-mailed a few months agao never answered my question about the degree requirements. She failed to answer my question so be it! E-mail me your resumes and I will forward to the right people on the grassroots committee.

E-mail to me at

Thank you,

Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri


Job Announcement from DMH:

Director of Deaf and Multi-Cultural Services

The Missouri Department of Mental Health has an immediate opening for an individual to provide leadership in the development of appropriate mental health services for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing, or, who have other unique cultural/linguistic needs.

The successful incumbent will:

Provide leadership and oversight for the implementation of the strategic plan for deaf services within the Department of Mental Health;

Work with members of the deaf community to identify the available resources and unmet needs relative to mental health;

Work with leadership within the Department to develop an awareness of the unique needs of the deaf population;

Develop systems within the Department and its administrative agents to appropriately address the mental health needs of the population;

Work closely with the Missouri School for the Deaf to assess and address the mental health needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Assess the system capability in Missouri to address the mental health needs of the multi-cultural population of the state (Hispanic, Bosnian, Asian, etc.)

Work with leadership within those communities to develop a strategic plan to address the mental health needs of these populations.

This is a Merit System Position- Mental Health Manager B2. Applicants must be registered with the Missouri Merit System. The Merit System application and Assessment may be found at HYPERLINK ""

EEO/AA Employer

Salary Range: $44,340 - $73,704

Availability: Immediate

For More Information or to Submit a Letter of Interest and Resume Contact:
Ms. Kelly McDonald of the Missouri Department of Mental Health