Sunday, August 3, 2008


Abuses, brainwashing and corruption are audist tools used since 1880. This is as result of greedy hearing people who want to "rape" deaf people in all walks of life. It has happened everywhere from sea to shining sea.

For the last 40 years since I got interested in Deaf advocacy, I have seen many and many stories about how hearing people tend to abuse deaf people. I have visited many rural towns, small towns and cities. I have come across many stories because I was looking for truth.

Many oral programs have higher rate of abuses due to frustrations, demands of parents and ignorance.

The stories come from many Deaf people who grew up with anger, hatred and mistrust

Stories like Jack are very common.

Hearing people have been sweeping the stuff under the rug. They felt good knowing deaf people were stupid and too ignorant in speaking out.

What goes around will come around!

In the picture above, it is pure example of how audists abuse children everywhere in the ivy halls in most public oral programs as well as private oral programs.

Hearing people including parents tend to ignore our complaints or concerns about the abuses.

Oralism is a false facade for hearing people to continue abuses!