Monday, June 30, 2008



  • With a great honor, I am picking this picture of Berlin Wall that is situated at Winston Churchill Memorial on Westminister Campus in Fulton, Missouri (Missouri School For the Deaf few miles east of campus). This picture is a stark reminder of how people oppressed people. It was terrible experience for everyone. I drove by the campus and took that picture about a year ago. We got them to take the Berlin Wall down. This is what we need to do the same for AGB. We share air, water, food, life, blood, tears, sweats, and many things on Earth. We deserve the right to have equal communication access.

  • Edward Nugent's picture," DBC Block AGB's Tanks". He hit the nail right on the head! He is right! Perfect and very right to the heart of the whole issue affecting us! It is like a wall. There was a play at NTID many years ago titled, 'THE WALL" during 1970's. It was about the same story we are experiencing today.

  • It is high time that the Deaf community works on the same page today to turn the tables on audism. It is working in our favor and we are winning in strides and leaps.

  • With recent DBC conference, it is time to raise our hands in the air and say it is time for "DEAF ADVOCACY NOW" We can sign in unity " DEAF ADVOCACY NOW!" It is time to tell the community truth.

  • With recent plaque and building changes, we are removing the cancer of audism.

  • We need to educate the community the benefits of ASL and how we succeed in working with hearing people in our lives. We are not handicapped like the hearing world thinks we are.

  • It is time to rub elbows with community leaders and neighbors to be more aware of our proud Deaf culture. We are proud to use ASL and we are allowed to sign anywhere we please. We do not conform to AGB's evil ways.

  • Eventually AGB's empire will fall apart when the truth shines from us in educating the community

  • It is time to get empowered and educate our neighbors through sign language programs and deaf studies programs.

  • We are the grassroots of the Deaf community and we can do it!

  • Let's raise our hands in the air and wave! We are asking AGBAD and his accomplices to stop lies and respect our proud Deaf Culture! We ask them to stop being terrorists like they did for the last 128 years!

  • So now the AGB Wall comes tumbling down!