Thursday, November 1, 2007

Remembering Washoe...

Upon finding out Washoe's death this morning, it brought back flood of memories at Gallaudet College (now University). I was interested in going to a presentation. There was a lot of discussions about a monkey that knew sign language. I did not believe it. I was remembering the movies during that time, "The Planet of Apes". It was shown back in 1968 a few years before I saw Washoe or other chimpanzees.

When I saw Washoe using sign language, it was interesting and shocking. I kept asking myself if it was a parlor trick or some kind of rehearsed tricks like dogs at circus.

Even tho, it was to debate the cognitive of another was interesting concept and a challenge. They have other chimpanzees that they still use sign language.

Even tho, it may not happen for a million years! Would it be the day the chimpanzees take over the world?

Will they be our partners? or enemies? Who knows?

It is just a pure science fiction!

So long, Washoe! It was interesting observing her using sign language.


November 1, 2007