Friday, June 8, 2007


Good news! I am in negotiation with Gary Brooks. I am inviting him to be the keynote speaker for the SHOW ME DEAF FILM FESTIVAL. I am excited that he has accepted to come so final details are being worked out such as expenses and program. I am also delighted to be in negotiation with Chad Taylor about providing Mac workshops during the festival. It will be held in St. Louis, Missouri September 27 - 30 2007. The events will be at GSLAD. Greater St. Louis Association of the Deaf will open its doors for out of town and local supporters of SHOW ME DEAF FILM FESTIVAL.

Check out GSLAD's new building and this is where the festival will be held. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements.

Visit the website at

and here are pictures of our facility.

More to come soon!