Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bye to 2011 and Hello to 2012!

Whoo! I was looking back the whole year of 2011. I am realizing that I did a lot in a short time. I have missed a few opportunities and I am trying to bring them to front burner, but it takes time. Just in few days, 2011 will be disappearing into the mists of time. Where did the time go?

My grandfather, Kenneth Howe usually keeps a diary. He titled "How(e) Time Flies!"

He would show it to me what he was doing daily while in Gamaliel, Arkansas. Facebook is similiar to what he did. We keep notes and share news and information. It is interesting.

I loved reading his journals everytime I go down there to Lake Norfolk. I miss it very much, but I am disappointed as they took out ferries and put in bridge on Highway 101.

Will plan to visit that area the Spring of 2012 before the summer crowd takes over the lake. I used to spend summers with my grandfather fishing at the lake. I cherish every moment with him. He tried his best to talk to me, but it was difficult to read his lips so I had no patience. I am kind of wishing I did learn to be more patient, but after 20 minutes or more, I am outta here. This is why he wrote journals to help himself remember and me to read. Even tho brief notes, it spoke volumes.

Now back to year in review of 2011 -- I need to prepare some plans for 2012. Yes, I will continue teaching ITP program and I need to benefit more by going to workshops or training to enable me to help ITP students.

I try few sources, but the schedule is not there and I hope there is something that can help me prosper as ASL Professor. I need workshop on linguistics as well as other pertinent curriculum for a 4 year program. June 30, 2012 is supposedly the deadline for requirements to be implemented for a 4 year program for interpreters. This is a new challenge to learn and go along!

and also I want to see more opportunities for CDI (certified Deaf interpreters)...yes, I mean deaf people in interpreting profession. It has been considered for more than 50 years, yet the oppression continues in that area from some hearing interpreters.

Good news is that those audistic interpreters are being reduced, but still the system needs to be overhauled somewhat!!! I frankly am not satisfied with those organizations, but no offense to them - I am outsider and it is easy for me to notice some areas that need strengthening. I do rely on sign language interpreters for legal, medical and personal needs.

Being a consumer of interpreting services, I am sharing my experiences and my dedication to raise the bar with the interpreting programs that can churn out professional interpreters.

Sign Language Interpreters are the gatekeepers of communication, therefore it is our dedication to see that the system be compatible and satisfactory for the deaf community at large.

As I said more than a few times, that we need laws with more teeth to keep those interpreters on respectable level and be respectful to our communication needs. This is how and why we need political process to protect our proud Deaf culture. So be it and onward we go!