Tuesday, April 27, 2010


iReport —

Please review this link to Springfield, Missouri story about lack of support services for deaf and hard of hearing. The same story is all over Missouri. Department of Mental Health has been dragging its feet for years and years in meeting the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We plan to take them to court so we need your help in exposing them. They have ignored our pleas and proposals for better mental health services for deaf and hard of hearing in Missouri.

Your attention to this matter will help Deaf Missourians greatly!

Thank you,

Paul Kiel
St. Louis, Missouri

Monday, April 26, 2010


Note: the film may stop at 9:59 so hit the pause button to stop and go it will move on to pictures at the end.

Today, April 26, 2010, history is made when the deaf group took action with attorneys to sue Missouri Department of Mental Health. More can be seen in this video. There are some pictures of activities leading up to the press conference. Several news services showed up. Channel 5 (NBC) came. Robert Patrick from St. Louis Post Dispatch was present for questioning. You can see him questioning Ella Eakins, MoAD President. A reporter, Angela Riley from Daily Record (lawyers newspaper in St. Louis) and radio stations. A reporter from KMOX (CBS) came, too. I did not get all the names as I was focused on videorecording the historical moments at Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse.

*Upplause* For Missouri Association of the Deaf, the 13 plaintiffs, and many deaf Missourians! Pah! Pah! Pah! Many people who have suffered through the last 30 years are now glad and relieved. We are happy that action is being done!

We all root and move on for deaf advocacy and continue the progress to improve the lives of deaf community!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


September 11, 2010

With September 11, 2010 approaching in a few months, let's gather and resonate around the world!

It was the day the hearing people took our lives away on September 11, 1880.

It is time to go a full (360 degrees) circle on that day and turn around.

It is time to stop audism in its tracks.

It is time to stop 130 years of oppression and audism.

"STAMP OUT AUDISM" an international project is designed to get the same message around the world to educate our hearing peers what we can do except to hear.

The message is "STAMP OUT AUDISM!"

The black or white t-shirts bearing "STAMP OUT AUDISM" with a picture of boot is available for sale to defray expenses for upcoming film and project related expenses. .

For ordering t-shirts for DEAF WORLD REMEMBERANCE DAY can be seen at http://www.deafimages.tv/tshirt.html.

Click on here for ordering t-shirts.

Watch this video about upcoming project please!


There is a media kit involving on projects on what to do, how to contact media, list of events to plan for that day, recruiting support for activity planning and coordination of events, gathering resources and having a successful Deaf World Rememberance Day.

To order the media kit, please mail check or money order made out to Paul Kiel. The cost of media kit is $35.00 per event.

Mail the request to:

Paul Kiel
2170 Green Slope Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63136
Attn: DWRD Media Kit

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of media kits. Paypal will be set up in few weeks when we get more orders.

For more information, contact Paul


A true story about the United States House of Representatives formally recognizing someone else other than AG Bell for inventing telephone. Through shady deals, AG Bell "stole" it. Will the history recognize that?

Updated Info: Currently the address is now www.deafimages.tv. Any inquiries may go to myfavaslworld@yahoo.com.

Monday, April 12, 2010


This video is about deaf on Earth calling for Eyeth soldiers to bust audism!

Videographer: Paul Kiel

Sunday, April 11, 2010


A Forgotten Video: St. Louis Airport 2001

Host: Gregory McKinnon

VIdeographer: Paul Kiel

Location: St. Louis, Missouri - July/August 2001

This video was produced during summer of 2001. We got information through Deaf Digest about a Deaf traveler unhappy about St. Louis Airport lacking services for Deaf. We decided to look into it. We were at airport few times in July and August 2001. Then it was in final production and released on September 7, 2001.

The world changed on September 11, 2001. (four days later)

Not sure if anything has improved since then. I did write letter to director of airport to express concerns. No one listened! Not sure if it has been followed up!

Oh, heck! With today's technology, ttys are becoming obsolete. Not sure if videophones are in yet.

The open system at airports are forever CLOSED!

HOW CAN YOU STAMP OUT AUDISM? A workshop on organizing for social change


A workshop on organizing for social change:

This helps understand the principles of human engineering in providing advocacy and activism.

This workshop will teach deaf community leaders and advocates of deaf programs how to better serve the communities in protecting the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The workshop will cover these areas:

*Direct Action Organizing

We will learn the fundamentals of Direct Action Organizing. We can choose an issue, develop a strategy and design actions to improve the deaf community services in your area.

*Organizing Skills

We will learn about accountability sessions, building and joining coalitions, recruiting, and use the Media. We can develop leadership and community liasons. We can develop partnerships with Community Organization Boards, Religious Organizations, Local Unions, Labor Councils and Trade Councils. There is going to be an interesting subject on tactical investigations.

*Support for Organization

We can review plans for grassroot fundraising, set up administrative systems and provide supervision. We can discuss financial and legal matters affecting the organization. It provides leadership and guidance for future programs.

*Selected Resources

We can review the resources in the community to help to do social change in your community. The workshop will provide hints, practice and feedback to help you present with confidence and style. This is something to benefit for alleviating the problems affecting the Deaf community.

Workshop Schedule: One day workshop:

Direct Action Organizing (one hour)

Organizing Skills (one hour and a half)

Support for Organization (one hour and a half)

Selected Resources (one hour)

Questions and Answers Session (one hour)

Fundraising Opportunity: Win/Win Situation

You can charge admissions and split the revenue with your club and my organization. There is contract that specifies my services and guidelines for the workshop presentation. The requirement is that 50 participants or more be available for the workshop. Be sure the meeting room has access to wireless internet services. Ethernet will be ok. I will need only a table and a chair to do powerpoint presentation about organizing for a social change. I will bring my laptop and you provide LCD. If you do not have LCD, there is additional fee for bringing my LCD. The workshop fees are negotiable.

The workshop is presented in American Sign Language and with the use of powerpoint.

Future Workshops effective May 2010**

Chicago, Illinois - TBA

St. Paul, Minnesota - TBA

Los Angeles, California - TBA

San Francisco, California - TBA

Rochester, New York - TBA

Tampa, Florida - TBA

New Orleans, Louisiana - TBA

Birmingham, Alabama - TBA

Memphis, Tennessee - TBA

Westerville, Ohio - TBA

Cleveland, Ohio - TBA

Olathe, Kansas - TBA

Las Vegas, Nevada - TBA

Seattle, Washington - TBA

Portland, Oregon - TBA

Phoenix, Arizona - TBA

Austin, Texas - TBA

Other cities not listed will be announced soon. If you wish to have this workshop in your city, please e-mail to myfavaslworld@yahoo.com with contact information and the location of a deaf community center, deaf school in your state or a hotel that the deaf enjoy for the workshop.

**The schedule is subject to change depending on demand and scheduling permitting.

To reserve your seat for workshop, please e-mail to myfavaslworld@yahoo.com

About the Presenter

Paul J. Kiel is a proud advocate and a daring activist for social changes in deaf communities. He got started in activism when he joined forces with friends against the Vietnam War. He also joined in the first Earth Day in 1970 to promote the recycling and save the Mother Earth. He began deaf advocacy when some friends asked for assistance in communications in 1969. At the tender age of 17, he committed to a lifetime of deaf advocacy. He has earned diploma in Business Technology from NTID/RIT in 1978 and got Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with minor in Mass Communications in 2004. He owns and operates Deaf Images as a digital video production company and a public relations firm to handle public relations for non-profit organizations. He has served in many organizations as well as doing deaf advocacy for more than 40 years. He has written several letters to newspaper editors about lack of services for the deaf and hard of hearing as well as combating audism. He is preparing to be a licensed parliamentarian. More information about him can be seen on the website: http://www.deafimages.tv and select "Who is Paul?" button. He advocates for deaf culture through his blogs/vlogs at http://www.deafadvocate.blogspot.com.

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